Solvent & Methanol

Solvent / Petrosol

Petrosol, also known as Solvent or Minerial Spirits is widely used in a variety of applications: thining paints and varnishes; dissolving resins and plastics; diluent to formulate coatings, adhesives and printing inks; cleaning and degreasing metal and automotive parts; floor and general household cleaner.

Petrosol is available in:

• Bulk      • 205 Litre Drum      • 20 Litre Pail

Drum of Solvent



Girard Bulk Service is a supplier of Methanol a refined petroleum distillute suitable for use as a base product for various oilfield chemicals. It is also used for wick lamps and space heaters designed for Methanol.

Methanol is available in:

• Bulk    • 205 Litre Drums    • 20 Litre Pails

Drum of Methanol


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